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DIY Font Recognition:
Love that font I see, how do I get it for me?

Have you ever been surfing the net away and come across a fabulous site with a killer font you would love to use in your next marketing piece? The only problem is that you don’t know what the font is, who makes it, or how to get it!! Well, have no fear – you can find claim that font for yourself and use it to your hearts delight (so long as you acquire it legally as to not loose any sleep over not doing your part to feed a starving typographer somewhere).

Free font recognition for Windows (I use Windows7 64 Bit) Users:

  • Navigate to the site you saw the cool font in action.
  • Open Windows Snipping Tool
  • Select rectangular snip & highlight the font you want – be sure to select a capture that shows as many characters of the font you want for the best recognition
  • Save the snip as a jpeg file for uploading (less than 2 mb).
  • Open your web Browser and navigate to the WHATTHEFONT.COM website.
  • Follow the instructions to upload your image, perform the character selection step & review the results.
  • If no font is an exact match, you can select one that’s close or use Identifont.

    Their font recognition is more in depth and based on answering a series of questions regarding attributes of specific characters.TIP: If you are selecting fonts form a logo or corporate title (Text style logo) and having trouble matching the exact font, you are probably looking at a stylized rendering by a graphic artist of one of the fonts the software selects as a match.

Now you can send an email to your favorite designer and they can build your marketing piece around the great front you found!

Should you have any trouble, be sure to consult a pro of your choosing (shameless plug for you to call, write or email me to help you!)

Happy Fonting!

photo by: paulgalbraith