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Do you really control your domain? Or is it some “web guy”  you know that hooked you up on a great package and rarely returns your emails about updating your site.  Your website is your home on the internet and that domain name is your address for the world to find you.  (And unlike real life, you want everyone to find you on the web!)

Cyber-moves can become very costly for your web presence, ranking and if you’re in business, your bottom line.  Know how difficult is is to get your mail when you move in the real world? Lose control of  your domain & be forced to move–the Post office that forwards your mail in the real world will look flawless.

So, How do you know if you are really in control?  Simple- ask yourself a few questions and then your webmaster the same-plus a few more”


  • Do I have login access and control of my domain?
  • Is my domain registered in my name with my valid contact information listed?  If you are not listed on the domain registry, then NO!  This means that you won’t receive notifications or be able to talk to the registrar directly until you are either added by whomever is listed or you provide multiple forms of documentation proving who you are & that you really are you!!
    Here’s a great link to check if you are:
  • When does my domain expire? Domain registration is your international license to operate on the web as you using your domain. If the registration expires, you may have a grace period to renew. Lapse too long & a domain will eventually become available to the public—much harder to recover.

A couple more things to ponder:

  • Why didn’t your web guru register you as the domain holder-they are required to unless you request they not??
  • Are they willing to list you? If not, you should transfer your domain & hosting as quickly as possible to a web host that respects your businesses autonomy!  Contact us if you would like to transfer & be respected.