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AB Digital Pricing

AB Digital Solutions Pricing Guarantee:

We promise to provide our customers competitive, open, upfront pricing for all services, products and fees for all services AB Digital Solutions provides. Customers will see no hidden fees or charges or invoices that do not mirror the written proposal provided.


Web Hosting: $9.00 per month

Everything related to hosting your site on ABD’s servers is included in one simple, rock-solid price. (We haven’t changed the cost since we started hosting sites in 2004!)  Host a second site for just $6.00/month!


ABD Hourly Rate: $75.00

Our services are based on how long we will take to perform you request. Our hourly rate is $75.00 per hour.  Large projects are bid with the volume of work taken into consideration and hourly discounts build into the quote.

Example site projects:

Google Analytics Integration and 1 hour Training: $125.00 per domain

Website Migration of  a 5 page website to WordPress with 1 hour WordPress Training:  $150.00

The Fine Print:

  • Customers wishing to monthly, quarterly or semi-annually will be charged $1.00 per invoice and the money donated to a charity to plant trees – that’s our paper reduction policy.
  • Domain Registration: Actual cost from registrar (varies)Because Domain registrations are acquired on behalf of our clients, we do not charge extra for the registration process and consider it an efficiency service to our customers. Having said that, customers with numerous domains that must be renewed each year will incur an administrative fee to compensate AB Digital for the time it takes.
  • Discount Pricing of Services or fees: Customers who qualify and receive discount pricing must maintain and honor good payment practices to continue receiving favorable pricing. Delinquent invoices will be re-billed at full rate.EXAMPLE: Secondary domains priced at $5.00 per month on a delinquent account will be adjusted to full rate.
  • Domain hosting transfer-in fee (Adding domain to server, setting up account information on ABD Servers): FREE for most accounts. 1 hour minimum charge if Site Setup, DNS Records and content migration is requested.
  • Domain transfer-out fee (Moving DNS Registration to another Registrar): No charge for customers in good standing.The transfer of Accounts with balances greater than zero US Dollars will be held until the entire balance is paid. Accounts that have been deactivated due to delinquency are required to settle the outstanding balance plus the Hosting Reactivation/Reinstatement Fee before domains will be released. Accounts that had their DNS transfer-in fee waived for whatever reason (promotion, bulk purchase, etc.) will be subject to the $25.00 fee if the hosting time at ABDigital Solutions totals less than 12 complete consecutive months.