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Reserve your web hosting space in the Cloud

AB Digital Solutions is very proud to now offer Cloud hosting to all of our current and future customers!


Why Choose AB Digital Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting Stability:

AB Digital’s Cloud Hosting Services eliminates the .01% downtime that always seems to occur when you are the least prepared for it.  Utilizing a cloud setup to virtulaize the server environment within the data center eliminates server downtime due to hardware failure, maintenance and single-server outages. If one server fails, the other servers delivering your online content keeps right on going strong.

Cloud Hosting Performance:

Because our Cloud Hosting Environment balances the workload among many servers, peak traffic and demand is far less stressful-delivering each visitor to your site a faster, more responsive experience.

Affordable Cloud Hosting:

Here at AB Digital, we value each and every customer, their financial commitment to us and we believe in honoring & respecting that commitment. That is why we are proud to say that our hosting rates are, and will remain the same for all of our customers. We did the math and waited until we could offer performance and affordability for a true monthly rate of $9.00 per month. Even with all of the technological and economic changes over the past few years, we have kept our promise of a quality, reliable $9 web hosting package.


Ready to sign up? Send us a quick message and we will contact you about your interest in our Cloud Hosting Services!

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Just the Facts:

AB Digital Solutions Web Hosting

  1. Customer Protection: We work with small business owners, independent professionals and non profit organizations who value our  tenacity to protect their web interest. We only register domains in our clients name and never restrict access or ownership of their online identity. We have successfully freed dozens of domains from unprofessional webmasters so that they could be joined with their true owners.  We do not charge additional fees to register, renew, transfer or manage domains for our clients.
  2. Education: Web hosting is an outsourcing adventure for anyone not housing a web server in their basement.  We believe that educating our customers on how we do things to deliver a positive and productive web presence for our customers is essential to the relationship we establish. Some of our clients don’t want to know how, just that AB Digital is looking out for their best interest. (We still walk them through setting up email on their iPhone on a web conference, not just send them a link to a support article).
  3. Support: Not only does AB Digital strive to deliver  great hosting, we want to ensure that our customer’s choice to outsource with AB Digital is of the highest quality.  No Offshore phone banks, no guessing who is talking.  Jay Watts is the owner and still answers the phone and responds personally to email requests.



photo by: theaucitron